My York blog book

I studied one semester in the beautiful city of York, England. It was a very happy 6 months and I kept a blog to be able to share my experience with my family back home. When I got home, I wanted to make my blog into something more. A memory I could treasure for a lifetime. I also love design in all forms, so I thought, two birds, right? I made a book. Filled with all my lovely memories.

York blog book

The only trouble was it got very long. 200 pages. I also love photography, which meant I filled it with a LOT of pictures. So there was a bit of trouble with getting anyone to print it for me. I finally got a tip about a website called blurb, and to my great joy, they printed my book. So now I have it in my hands and I love it!

I put it up on a brilliant website called, where you can publish you work to share with people. So you can find it and enjoy it here:

Some of it (most of it) is in swedish, and some of it is in english, but the beautiful images of this amazing place needs no words, so I’m hoping it can be enjoyed by everyone.

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