Who am I?

“A nerd among jocks.”Teron om

A little bit older now then when the picture was taken, but still very much in love with photography, design, webb and pretty much everything in between. Browse my stuffs and other pages, and shoot me a question if you have one, or just leave a comment.

I come from a small town in Sweden called Skövde, which you’ve probably never heard of because it’s famous for nothing. Right now I live in Stockholm and I got a degree at very cool place called Hyper Island. #iad16

I work as a web consultant right now but my passion is photography. I do weddings and engagement photos, as well as nature and landscape photography. If you want one of my photos as a print or canvas, holler at my email. I’m working on a e-commerce site but its now quite ready to see the internet light yet.


Curious? Let me know! Also, have a look at my not-only-photo-portfolio. 

Have a great day!

But wait! Don’t leave before you checked out my portfolio… or whatever we decide to call this. My stuff. Welcome!



Psssst! I’m quite social as well.